Jun 10, 2012

i did it! i SO did it!

Today was a gloooorious day. I got up bright and early, feeling good and set out in my workout gear for my parents. Picked up a good friend and set out for Louisville, NE, about a 45 minute drive. Why?? Today was my wave for THE WARRIOR DASH at 10:30am! I have to tell you, I've never signed up for a run of any kind, not even a flat out run so this, was a big step for me to have The Warrior Dash be my first. I was so anxious to get started; waiting to go was probably the worst part! I wasn't scared but I was just really ready to go, get it done and upon finishing, I felt like I could keep going.

{ -- badge of honor -- }

The Warrior Dash is a 5k run, with TONS of obstacles in the way; climbing walls (there were FOUR on our run!), jumping over fire, going through rope nets, a crick and crawling through mud. Obviously, you're not required to do every obstacle, as some would try and give up BUT, I did every one of them and I'm so glad I did. I'd have so much regret had I not made it through them. It was SO much fun and I plan to do again next year. I really thought it would be such a struggle but I felt so good throughout the whole thing. I am so proud of myself and I'm glad I did it. I DID IT!!!

{ -- me with the ladies after our finish...completely covered in MUD! -- }

{ -- my white (?!) socks and shoes (donated) aftermath -- }

Lots of <3

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