May 31, 2011

fill in the blank...tuesday?

Eh...why not?!

1. If I could get away somewhere for the weekend I would go somewhere warm, anywhere warm with a beach and a book and I would bring my boyfriend and my family, however, I'd send my family to another area of the beach and we'd meet up only for dinner...or breakfast :) I'd want the quiet and relaxation.

2. Something I often rant about is how lazy I am! I am even annoyed by those rants but that's usually what is coming out of my mouth.

3. One item I need to have in my fridge at all time is ...oh noes, should I even say?! Red Bull, I love it. Runner up would probably be skim milk.

4. My "life-saving" product is my laptop. It's how I do get my job done and how I keep up with everything I need to keep up with. Mostly anything related to web design and bloggers that inspire me.

5. A friend is someone who listens and says they understands...even if they don't.

6. If I could write my own blank it would be "When I'm alone and have no priorities to take care of, I like to unwind by..."

7. My favorite kind of art is modern. I love simple, clean lines.

"Friday" blanks via the little things we do....

May 30, 2011

a lounging day

An old photo but a good one :) Hard to get away with it when you're stuck in your crate. I took this within seconds of walking in the room. My little Eddie, can't get enough of him!

On with Memorial Day, I may not have been invited out to any outings or BBQs but I did get to sleep a lot and be lazy. I'm OK with that. Today, we plan to go out to the bookstore and read away. One of my favorite things to do, get lost in a book and I've been more motivated to read lately. I'm not sure why but it's gotten easier. Hope your Memorial Day was a good one and since I didn't get any BBQ/friends, I hope you did because it's always a good time. Happy day off :)

May 29, 2011

a third birthday

My niece turned three today. So cute. Full of spunk and innocence (sort of). It makes me miss getting presents like that and being so excited. Half the time though she was so distracted and would just throw gifts over her shoulder, just to empty the box/bag.

Happy 3rd Apple!

May 27, 2011

it's a great friday

"to change our lives, at some point we have to decide that, rather than suffer anymore, we are going to live in happiness. and the only way we can do that is to make the decision to look for things to appreciate, no matter what."

I got that quote from The Secret. If you've never heard of it, or read the book yet, I recommend it. It's a bit repetitive but so are the reminders we need in life to get by somedays. We forget that life isn't as difficult as "we make" it out to be.

Today is a good day. We're having a grill out/potluck today at work and I can already smell the grill. Also, it's Memorial Day weekend, so I have Monday off of work. One extra day to get my beauty rest! Gonna be so nice.

May 26, 2011

so yummy

I don't think I've ever bought or eaten black grapes before but man, they are SO good. Not as tart as purple or green. They're more light and refreshing. Only problem is, they're crazy expensive. I can't remember how much I bought, couldn't have been much more than a pound and they were upwards of $5. Why are grapes so expensive?!

Do yourself a favor and enjoy these at one point in your life though, they're a treat. Mmmmmm...

May 20, 2011

fill in the blank friday

1. People always tell me I look like...I'm upset. That's just my natural face. Meh :)

2. Friends don't let negative. If there is one thing I enjoy about having friends, it is knowing that they care about you and will help cheer you up if you're ever in a bad mood.

3. A sunny day is perfect for...walking my dogs with my boyfriend. Perfect!

4. My favorite accessory ring my mom bought me just not long ago. It's a designer ring and was semi-expensive. I love it. It's super unique.

5. If I could afford it I would...quit my job, buy a house and travel!

6. The cure for boredom is...reading a good book and getting lost in it.

7. I am currently "in like" Dodo iPad case! I just got it today and it's a designer case. I am really more than "in like" with it.

Friday blanks via the little things we do....

friday! yah!

{ -- photo of douche bag deleted -- }

I love Fridays. I love looking forward to sleeping in on the weekends. I love just relaxing. No worries. Especially on a weekend like this one, when there isn't anything that I need to get done other than stuff around the apartment and hang out with my boyfriend and puppies. Happy weekending!

May 17, 2011

she is just amazing

There is no one that supports me more than my mom (well, maybe my dad...but my mom is more forgiving). She is and has been such an amazing person in my life. I honestly don't know where I'd be without her. I never forget what she does for me and love her with all of my being. I love you mom! You are an amazing person and you mean everything to me.

May 16, 2011

nothing is better than being home

While I am still moving in to my new apartment after being there for over a month. There is NOTHING better than being home. Home is definitely where the heart is and I am grateful for having a roof over my head and my own bed to sleep in. Even better, my puppies are there :)

May 13, 2011

dads, they're kinda awesome

My dad took this photo. I love this photo and I love my dad. He is truly an amazing person in my life right now. I can't thank him enough for everything he's done for me. Dad, I know we don't always see eye to eye but I admire who you are and appreciate all your patience and forgiveness. I <3 you dad, always.

May 11, 2011

my little eddie boy

He is definitely a little light in my life. A seriously bright little light. Eddie is a trouble maker, he is so full of energy and cuteness, I can't stand it. Now, with Eddie in my life, I couldn't imagine it without him. I just want to eat him up! RAWR Eddie, RAWR!

May 10, 2011

of all the days

{ -- photo of douche bag deleted --}

I started this blog today because I'm tired of feeling depressed. I suffer from both anxiety and's exhausting battling myself everyday so I want to work on being grateful for something, at least one thing, and post it here once a day. Short or long, I'll take five minutes out of my day to say thanks for the good things in my life because there is a lot and I need to stop taking them for granted. I feel as though it'll be a good practice.

However, of all days, this morning my dad went into the ER this morning and I still have no idea what's going on. BUT, this is not that sort of blog.

Last night, was our first summer night and it definitely hit all of us but the highlight of my night was of my boyfriend, Danny, and my Shiba Inu, Suki, passing out together on the floor. Making me smile at the moment.