Jan 30, 2013

core happiness

I'm still checking up on my email from Gaiam's Connect 2 Happiness and this one is fabulous. It's from a while back but that's alright. I am just getting through a bunch of them lately and I really want to try this one out. It's a full workout ab video from Jillian Michaels, for free! What do you have to lose? Except maybe some fat around your waist! I have done her 30-day shred video and have got to say, for a half hour workout, it's a goodie. Now this one focuses all on abs. I know, I know...'they' say that you can do as many ab workouts as you want, it won't make you have that 6-pack. However, you're still building muscle underneath and getting rid of some of that fat and building muscle burns more calories than just doing a regular cardio exercise. So, to me, any workout is a win-win! Don't tell me not to do a workout when it still will make even the slightest bit of difference.

Today, I got to work from home so maybe I'll tackle this workout over my lunch hour since I'll have the full hour to complete and recover (eat foods). We had quite the snowfall last night, about 2-5". Not as bad as our last snowstorm tho, which gave us almost a foot I believe. I am very lucky to have a job that I can do at home, in my PJs :) and, with my bug.

My #31workouts challenge is moving along! I had only one day where I just did a short walk on the treadmill (2 miles). I was just not for it, not even to walk but I still got on that treadmill and completed a 'decent' amount of anything. Yesterday was a core and power pump workout (one hour) and I only feel a bit sore today, maybe should start upping my weights!

Lots of <3

Jan 27, 2013

goals and the like

I've made my way through 26 days of working out, with only 5 more days to go. Today was, by far, the hardest and I'm not sure why. I don't typically workout on weekends but have been this month because of the challenge. I have not missed one day and there have only been a handful of days where I just did not have the motivation. It's no matter, I'm pushing through and not giving up.

I've done several different kinds of workouts and have, honestly, felt better then I have in a long time. My nights have been tiring, I do my workouts in the evening so I'm really quite exhausted after a long day at work, a workout and dealing with the dogs and dinner. However, my mornings and days have felt a bit better. My workouts have been regular treadmill, power pump, step, core, Jazzercise and spinning. Just so it doesn't get so boring and because I am really trying to utilize the new gym I've joined. Speaking of, I have my first assessment tomorrow over there.

Things are on the up and up. This year has been different and I love the change that's happening in my life. Lots of cleansing and introducing new, healthy habits. I welcome it and embrace it.

Lots of <3

Jan 13, 2013

happiness connection

~ a true, relaxing moment with my bug, Eddie ~

A little late but Happy New Year! I made it :) And, I'm working on making changes more than ever. Lots of positive changes. Here we go.

As each day passes and into the evening, I muster all the strength I have to power thru a workout. I go home, take care of my puppies and cook dinner. I don't sit down, at the earliest, until 8pm. Which, to some might say is a luxury, however, to someone who suffers from a debilitating depression...is not good enough. Every day I would like to come home, put on my PJs, feel sorry for myself and sulk on the couch until it's time for bed but...I don't do that. I know it would only make me feel much more miserable and I know that it is something I have control over. So, I take that control and do something about it. It may not cure anything or make all that go away but it sure does help. A lot. I feel more accomplished. I did it. Now, I can relax. Now, I deserve this rest and I don't feel so guilty.

I can't quite recall where I heard about this, might've been an email subscription but I'm sure you're all familiar with Gaiam. They're basically "the" yoga gurus and sell all these products, videos, etc. It's a small challenge called, Connect to Happiness, and I liked the approach. Anyway, it sounded intriguing per my previous post I am really stuck in the now and the focusing on one day at a time and one project at a time.

I may not get to it every day but I will be reminded in an email and if I make time, I'll share my findings.

Here was day 1:

1) What makes you happy? My puppies. They make me the opposite of happy tho sometimes. Oh, and most definitely, finishing a workout.

2) What are you passionate about? This is a question I've really started asking myself over the past few months. In my free time, I'm usually reading recipes, health and exercise articles. It's really become a forefront to who I am. I want to emanate health and prosperity and I know I'll get there the more I educate myself.

3) How can you bring more of that into your life? I think by doing the #31workouts challenge (more on that in another post), I've already started. However, I am also starting a new workout program...probably this month. As well, I am working on making healthier food choices.

Lots of <3