Jan 30, 2013

core happiness

I'm still checking up on my email from Gaiam's Connect 2 Happiness and this one is fabulous. It's from a while back but that's alright. I am just getting through a bunch of them lately and I really want to try this one out. It's a full workout ab video from Jillian Michaels, for free! What do you have to lose? Except maybe some fat around your waist! I have done her 30-day shred video and have got to say, for a half hour workout, it's a goodie. Now this one focuses all on abs. I know, I know...'they' say that you can do as many ab workouts as you want, it won't make you have that 6-pack. However, you're still building muscle underneath and getting rid of some of that fat and building muscle burns more calories than just doing a regular cardio exercise. So, to me, any workout is a win-win! Don't tell me not to do a workout when it still will make even the slightest bit of difference.

Today, I got to work from home so maybe I'll tackle this workout over my lunch hour since I'll have the full hour to complete and recover (eat foods). We had quite the snowfall last night, about 2-5". Not as bad as our last snowstorm tho, which gave us almost a foot I believe. I am very lucky to have a job that I can do at home, in my PJs :) and, with my bug.

My #31workouts challenge is moving along! I had only one day where I just did a short walk on the treadmill (2 miles). I was just not for it, not even to walk but I still got on that treadmill and completed a 'decent' amount of anything. Yesterday was a core and power pump workout (one hour) and I only feel a bit sore today, maybe should start upping my weights!

Lots of <3

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