May 27, 2014

i now know what it's like

I've never considered myself a writer, must less someone who is even motivated to write anything close to a legit sentence. However, I have and I'm grateful for it. I've lost this blog but I'm bringing it back. I've had so many good memories recorded and I love coming back and looking over them. I'd like to start incorporating more inspirational pieces and now more about fitness as well. I'm needing to be held accountable and what better way than to put it out there in the blogosphere.

Here we go!

"Life isn’t rocket science, so quit making it more complicated than it needs to be. Make the most of yourself; don’t get lazy with the way you look or the work you do or your relationships. Speaking of relationships, if it isn’t making your heart sing, move on. Whatever you do, don’t get complacent with life, it’s beautiful and really is all about the little things. If you can’t see that, you need a slap. Be in the moment more often. Dig deep. Above all else, just be a better version of you."

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