Jun 30, 2011

i'm getting sleep

How hard is it, really? ...really hard! I am a night owl, grew up that way. I always stayed up late with my mom watching movies or Nick At Night (Mary Tyler Moore, Cheers!). I loved it; it was time to relax, time for me, time to take my day into perspective, time to understand everything that had happened to me. It's my favorite and worst part of my day because I agonize over the next day. I don't want that time to ever end but, alas, it does end. I still fight it every once in a while and may not creep into bed until 2:30AM!

Lately, well, mostly this week, I've gotten into bed before 11PM and am feeling the awesome side affects of it. I'm waking up earlier (although, I am not getting "up" earlier, I still procrastinate getting up) and I feel just better. My only problem is the getting up part now. I'd love to sit, read and eat a bowl of cereal before I head out the door. And, eventually, I'd really love to start walking or getting to a Jazzercise class. That's way in the future but I believe it's possible for me. In any case, I'm grateful for getting to bed earlier and just feeling better about it.

What time do you get to bed? I really do wish I were a morning person, and I can be...I just have to really want to be for it to happen. How do I get there?!

Jun 28, 2011

one of my favorite things

I know I post a lot of photos of my puppies...but man, they are seriously one of the things I miss the most throughout my day (sorry Danny...I miss you too but y'know, puppy love is somethin' else). I never used to like dogs, really. I was more of a cat person and did have a cat (AJAX) at one point. She is with a friend now, hopefully in good hands! Never did I think I'd have a dog, NEVER! Then one day, I sort of wanted one...along with a little push from someone I was dating at the time. Concluded to find a mid-size breed that had a good personality, some spunk and was super cute. In comes Suki.

Shiba Inu dogs were always a favorite of mine, in fact, it was the dog I chose on the Nintendogs game for the handheld console. How embarrassing I played that game...no, never mind, it was a fun game! Anyway, I found Suki (her breeder named her Sassy, come to find out...very fitting) in Iowa from a family breeder. I did the research and the internal and external debate about buying from a breeder but I'd had several email conversations with the breeder and she seemed OK and I have no regrets. Suki has been a great dog, healthy and vibrant ("full of piss and vinegar", says the breeder as she hands this 4lb. puppy over to me). She is and always will be my 'first love'.

Love you Suki boooooooos!

Jun 24, 2011

on time 'fill in the blank friday'

1. The last thing I ate was Green grapes...and a snack Snickers :)

2. The next thing I'd like to eat is my Papa Murhpy's leftover Thai pizza, which is where I'm headed...home.

3. The best things are moments of happiness, for me they seem rare so I always try to treasure them when they do happen.

4. Something that makes me supremely and utterly happy is reading a book. My reason is sad, it's because I can escape and live in another world but it really is relaxing and freeing and that makes me happy.

5. Sports are freakin' crazy. I'm not a huge sport fan but those fans and players are crazy! I do like to see some Nebraska football though in the fall but I'm not head over heals in love with sports.

6. I miss being young and innocent...and drama free. Life has been crazy these past few months and I'm just exhausted. I want summer break!

7. Right now I am really hungry and SO excited it's the weekend. I am able to hang out with some really good friends tomorrow night and am seriously looking forward to it!

Friday blanks via the little things we do....

Jun 23, 2011

keep going

I've had the most trying of days but I'm not to let it get in my way. I have to keep moving forward the way I was. No matter, I need to come on top and I will. I will succeed and will keep battling my way through the days ahead of me. If I want to be happy, I have to keep chasing happiness where it is.

Last night was a fun night though. Since my dad's surgery he can't do much...or really just can't lift things over 20lb. but is moving slower and is in some pain yet. So, with that, my mom and I cooked dinner :) She made her awesome baked beans with a TON of bacon...I just kept adding it in, so there was a lot. While I cooked burgers on the grill. They were delicious of course. After that, I helped them set up their new wireless printer and I began printing random photos from my phone. I mentioned that I may have to do that every time I stop by so to keep the photo tray full! I'm so grateful to be able to do that for them. Feels good to help someone out, especially my parents, who've done SO much for me I can't even begin to make up for everything.

In other good news, tomorrow is Friday! And, I get to celebrate a friend's birthday on Saturday :) Yay for the week being almost over with. It's within reach!

Jun 16, 2011

all i can do, is all i can do

Gotta love the Suki <3

You know, I always try to stay positive about things but sometimes it really is difficult. I have to constantly remind myself that thinking lowly of any situation is not going to make things better and do I really enjoy being in the low of a place?! NO! I really don't because it's scary and annoying and just, things don't feel good and not right. So, while I do falter, I do know that I'm doing what I can and trying to use my best judgement. I may not be super awesome at what I do or what I'm asked to do but I'm doing it.I'm trying and accomplishing what I can and that's really all I can do. I have to stay positive at this point in my life. Going down is not an option anymore. I can learn from my mistakes, own up to them and keep moving forward. I am human and I can prevail. I know this because I've done it before.

I have many things to be grateful for and lots of people who love me and care about me, whether they express it or not. I know they do.

I don't know who to thank for my strength. I guess I'm just tired of letting crap get me down to a level where I don't want to function anymore. I have to live and I will fight for that life that I want to live. Because while I may deny having a dream, I do have one. Great things are coming my way. I know this because I am creating those great things in my own way.

Bring it Universe!

Jun 14, 2011

hello Tuesday!

I am exhausted! BAH! But, that's okay because I'm having a good day today...besides the sleepiness in me. I will still be able to go home and nap over lunch and on my way back to work, I may just have to stop at Bruegger's for my favorite, Skinny Herby Turkey. YUM!

My dad's surgery went well. He didn't have as much damage going on so the surgery didn't last as long and he is now in recovery, hopefully everything is alright. I plan to visit him tonight if he is awake. I'm thankful that I live so close to the hospital.

Hope your Tuesday is lovely and are more awake than I :)

Jun 13, 2011

a new week

This new week is going to bring all sorts of new stuff and I have no idea what it is but I'm ready for it! After what I went through last week, I'm ready for anything. I don't feel like I have nothing to lose, I just feel like I can handle it. I can handle anything that comes my way. While it may be difficult or it may seem like I'm not handling it, I am. Inside. It's a constant struggle for me to stay positive with so much going on but it's the only thing I can do. Getting down and out will just make situations seem worse than they really are and could possibly bring bad luck. Being negative or lazy or down is NOT an option.

Thinking positive thoughts mostly for my dad today and for a while. He goes into surgery to get a hernia taken care of, as well as a gall bladder taken out. I hear it's not a great recovery but I know he'll be great, do great and will be better because of it. As it's not done him well the last few months or so. Here's to you dad, this blog post is for you <3 If there's anything you taught me that'll stick with me, is that, it's not worth it, stick your head up and fight/deal with it/get it over with.

<3 you dad!

Jun 7, 2011

fri...i mean tuesday fill in the blank

{photo by Teri Lyn Fisher photographer and blogger for Fish Food blog}

1. I love music because without it, I don't know how I would get through my day. It helps keep me moving during certain moments in the day when I just can't stand it and time moves so slow.

2. A time that mama knew best was when I would overreact over such silly things. She'd help me see the bigger picture and learn to let go.

3. My first kiss went a little like this oh boy. It was in front of all of my friends at a party! No one was paying attention and it just sort of happened. I remember it was not...very good. LOL!

4. My celebrity crush is I kind of have a few :) but I'd have to say Jake Gyllenhaal. However, crush as in talent (oh, Jake has talent but I'm thinking of ones I admire mostly) would be Sam Rockwell, Jeff Bridges and Daniel Day-Lewis. While older and sometimes not always attractive, I definitely crush on their talent.

5. My splurge of choice is Red Bull or Starbucks, it's sort of a toss up these days.

6. My biggest accomplishment is how successful I've been. I would've never guessed but I just keep moving and it's gotten me to much better places than I've been before and I'm very grateful for every step of the way and where I am at today. Thank you Universe!

7. My dance jam of choice is Jennifer Lopez's "On the Dancefloor"! I never thought I'd say one of her songs but I am loving that song and it's a new Jazzercise routine as well! <3 it.

Friday blanks via the little things we do....

Jun 6, 2011


Mondays...usually are kind of "blah" but today, I feel different. I feel positive about the week. I'm busy at work, which I am grateful for. I'd rather be busy than not and be happy that I have a job to do, one that I can keep. I did a TON of laundry yesterday...well, maybe not a "TON" but I did a lot, more than I usually do in one day. I plan to put it all away tonight! This week has been "project clothes". We are to wash and put away ALL of our clothes. If we get done early, moving on to the office area because it's a mess! That is really where the mess lies in our apartment and it's out in the open (GASP!).

I'd love to at least have one grill over this summer with friends and have a nice, clean, put-away apartment to show off. Wish me luck! ...also, have any tips for keeping on top of a clean living space? I'm horribly lazy and I'd hate to finish it all and not keep it up.

Jun 5, 2011

great weekend

This weekend was packed, it was a goodie. Although, this Sunday...today...had been a hard one. I think mostly because it was hot out and I didn't get to buy the shoes I wanted :(

...LOL. Besides that, yesterday, we supported the brand new Red Mango opening along with a skateboarding competition my good friend sponsored. We brought the dogs, they loved it. We also walked the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian bridge, which I hadn't walked before yet. It's fairly new.

The photo above is of the 1lb. (!) salmon we cooked for dinner last night with an awesome glaze we made up on the fly. I believe it has sriracha, soy, hoison sauce and garlic with a bit of lemon juice and the lemons cut around the side. It was delicious and A LOT of food :)

Hope yours was as eventful and fun...especially with yummy foods.