Jun 24, 2011

on time 'fill in the blank friday'

1. The last thing I ate was Green grapes...and a snack Snickers :)

2. The next thing I'd like to eat is my Papa Murhpy's leftover Thai pizza, which is where I'm headed...home.

3. The best things are moments of happiness, for me they seem rare so I always try to treasure them when they do happen.

4. Something that makes me supremely and utterly happy is reading a book. My reason is sad, it's because I can escape and live in another world but it really is relaxing and freeing and that makes me happy.

5. Sports are freakin' crazy. I'm not a huge sport fan but those fans and players are crazy! I do like to see some Nebraska football though in the fall but I'm not head over heals in love with sports.

6. I miss being young and innocent...and drama free. Life has been crazy these past few months and I'm just exhausted. I want summer break!

7. Right now I am really hungry and SO excited it's the weekend. I am able to hang out with some really good friends tomorrow night and am seriously looking forward to it!

Friday blanks via the little things we do....


  1. Green grapes and a snack snickers? That sounds heavenly :) I agree with you too on reading a book - there is seriously nothing better than getting lost in another world - I believe that it not only makes you smarter, but it also helps you learn who you are :)

  2. Thank you for the comment Sarah! You're my first comment :) I should add as well that reading helps me slow down. I'm always in a hurry even when I'm writing a blog post. Too many times I am in a hurry to read and I end up skipping over so much and have to re-read it all because I can't even recall what it is I've read! I try to read everyday for this reason.

    Hope you're having a great day!