Jun 30, 2011

i'm getting sleep

How hard is it, really? ...really hard! I am a night owl, grew up that way. I always stayed up late with my mom watching movies or Nick At Night (Mary Tyler Moore, Cheers!). I loved it; it was time to relax, time for me, time to take my day into perspective, time to understand everything that had happened to me. It's my favorite and worst part of my day because I agonize over the next day. I don't want that time to ever end but, alas, it does end. I still fight it every once in a while and may not creep into bed until 2:30AM!

Lately, well, mostly this week, I've gotten into bed before 11PM and am feeling the awesome side affects of it. I'm waking up earlier (although, I am not getting "up" earlier, I still procrastinate getting up) and I feel just better. My only problem is the getting up part now. I'd love to sit, read and eat a bowl of cereal before I head out the door. And, eventually, I'd really love to start walking or getting to a Jazzercise class. That's way in the future but I believe it's possible for me. In any case, I'm grateful for getting to bed earlier and just feeling better about it.

What time do you get to bed? I really do wish I were a morning person, and I can be...I just have to really want to be for it to happen. How do I get there?!

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  1. Well I cant really say what time I go to bed because that always changes for me. Its weird, I always used to go to bed late when I was younger but always had to get up early.

    It was .... strange, when I used to have to go to school I used to be falling asleep when my mum was calling me to get up. I always had to be in bed for hours before I fell asleep. Then I would go to my dads on the weekend and be able to fall asleep perfectly fine ... very strange.

    Now my sleeping pattern seems to sort of rotate around the clock. Its 5:36am and im not going to be going to be anytime soon, in about a week I might be going to bed at like 10pm or something.

    I also realized not long ago that waking up in the middle of the night seems to make me sometimes get into sort of ...... weird moods. Getting up in the mornings is probably a good idea!