Jun 5, 2011

great weekend

This weekend was packed, it was a goodie. Although, this Sunday...today...had been a hard one. I think mostly because it was hot out and I didn't get to buy the shoes I wanted :(

...LOL. Besides that, yesterday, we supported the brand new Red Mango opening along with a skateboarding competition my good friend sponsored. We brought the dogs, they loved it. We also walked the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian bridge, which I hadn't walked before yet. It's fairly new.

The photo above is of the 1lb. (!) salmon we cooked for dinner last night with an awesome glaze we made up on the fly. I believe it has sriracha, soy, hoison sauce and garlic with a bit of lemon juice and the lemons cut around the side. It was delicious and A LOT of food :)

Hope yours was as eventful and fun...especially with yummy foods.

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