Jun 6, 2011


Mondays...usually are kind of "blah" but today, I feel different. I feel positive about the week. I'm busy at work, which I am grateful for. I'd rather be busy than not and be happy that I have a job to do, one that I can keep. I did a TON of laundry yesterday...well, maybe not a "TON" but I did a lot, more than I usually do in one day. I plan to put it all away tonight! This week has been "project clothes". We are to wash and put away ALL of our clothes. If we get done early, moving on to the office area because it's a mess! That is really where the mess lies in our apartment and it's out in the open (GASP!).

I'd love to at least have one grill over this summer with friends and have a nice, clean, put-away apartment to show off. Wish me luck! ...also, have any tips for keeping on top of a clean living space? I'm horribly lazy and I'd hate to finish it all and not keep it up.

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