Jun 23, 2011

keep going

I've had the most trying of days but I'm not to let it get in my way. I have to keep moving forward the way I was. No matter, I need to come on top and I will. I will succeed and will keep battling my way through the days ahead of me. If I want to be happy, I have to keep chasing happiness where it is.

Last night was a fun night though. Since my dad's surgery he can't do much...or really just can't lift things over 20lb. but is moving slower and is in some pain yet. So, with that, my mom and I cooked dinner :) She made her awesome baked beans with a TON of bacon...I just kept adding it in, so there was a lot. While I cooked burgers on the grill. They were delicious of course. After that, I helped them set up their new wireless printer and I began printing random photos from my phone. I mentioned that I may have to do that every time I stop by so to keep the photo tray full! I'm so grateful to be able to do that for them. Feels good to help someone out, especially my parents, who've done SO much for me I can't even begin to make up for everything.

In other good news, tomorrow is Friday! And, I get to celebrate a friend's birthday on Saturday :) Yay for the week being almost over with. It's within reach!

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