Sep 30, 2011


1.   My current obsession is     hmmm, good company and a smile on my face  .

2.    Friends and my pups     make me happy.

3.  My greatest strength is   overcoming difficult times   .

4.    I get super distracted by the interwebs so, I'd say my attention span    is my greatest weakness.

5.  My life is    wonderful. I am so blessed and everything is so much better than I ever could have hoped for it to be. ‹ This was the author's answer and I just have to steal it because it's exactly what I'd want to say. › Life is great  .

6.  In high school I was     a middle-of-the-road kind of kid. I wasn't popular or a total outcast. Just right in the middle ‹ Again, stealing her answer but it's the same for me  .

7.  When I'm super tired    ...I take a nap ;) I get super impatient and just don't want to do anything...any...thing  .

Happy Friday! I know it is for me :)

{ Friday blanks via the little things we do... }

life, never ceases to amaze me

My life couldn't get more exciting. Everyday, I do not take for granted the life that I live. I'm so grateful for a lot of things and when something comes up that's this exciting, I'm in disbelief. This is part of my journey and I'm going to learn and experience so much. What's the news?? Well, I am going to New York! AH! I am freaking out, just a little bit but I am SO excited!

What will I be doing?? I'm going to a geek conference :) and I'll be visiting friends as well. Hopefully they can show me around a bit. I've never been!

Here is to an awesome end of the year after a really crappy start to it. I'm doing it right and it feels awesome. I'm so happy!

Sep 28, 2011

everyday i'm shufflin'

{eddie with his pink frisbee it's his favorite toy}

This week, I think I've laughed more than ever, got to see a movie, went out to eat, had some tasty beer, had good company and it hasn't stopped yet. I get to play with a shiba puppy tomorrow again! A good friend of mine brought his puppy over to play with Eddie last week and they were the cutest together. They went on for over an hour, wrestling and nipping at each other. They are totally BFFs.

Hope your week is well and we're halfway there!

Sep 26, 2011

it's never made so much sense, until now

When you lay it all out, make the list of all the horrible things one person can be responsible for in such a short time and then to know they don't care and will never care, you realize just how much more valuable and caring a person yourself is. I recently spent some time with friends who knew my ex but didn't know how much he'd done. I saw jaws drop like never before. I realize I'm nothing perfect, however, I never compromised my ex the way he did me; lies, betrayal, unaccepting that the relationship didn't work and then trying to force it?? He'd put me down saying I'm less educated than him and make me feel like a horrible person yet still want to be with me. It was confusing and he was broken in more ways than one. I let it go on too long and wasted a lot of time, money and care for someone who inevitably does not care about me...or my family for that matter. I have to apologize to them for bringing him into my life.

I digress because I am thankful everyday for him not being here anymore and am thankful for such supportive people around me who take me in and believe in me. I've gone to my therapy sessions and have been through the mourning stages. There's been a loss but a loss I needed; I don't wish to ever revisit that life again. I should be so happy it did not go on any longer.

I just wanted to take this time to be thankful for everything. I walked away from this experience with more knowledge and gratitude than ever. I've moved on and am finding an all new happiness. It's wonderful and I can't thank my family and friends enough. I am loved.

Sep 14, 2011

more grateful than ever

It's not that I haven't been grateful all of the days I haven't posted, in fact, throughout all of the drama I've had this year (more than any year of my life) I've been even more grateful for the life I live and the people that are around me. They've been so supportive. I had a horrible breakup that resulted in me losing a lot of money but I've gained most of it back. It's a sad story really. He lives a sad life and if I come out of it with anything, it's that I am much better off than I ever thought I was and that makes me so happy.

Hard to describe and spill the beans about everything but it's a good day and tomorrow will be that much better. Sadly, though, I may have to transition my blog to another URL and I won't be able to tell you where it goes. If you would like to know (if anyone's out there), send me a message!

Here's to not sucking at life and getting rid of the toxins in your life.