Sep 14, 2011

more grateful than ever

It's not that I haven't been grateful all of the days I haven't posted, in fact, throughout all of the drama I've had this year (more than any year of my life) I've been even more grateful for the life I live and the people that are around me. They've been so supportive. I had a horrible breakup that resulted in me losing a lot of money but I've gained most of it back. It's a sad story really. He lives a sad life and if I come out of it with anything, it's that I am much better off than I ever thought I was and that makes me so happy.

Hard to describe and spill the beans about everything but it's a good day and tomorrow will be that much better. Sadly, though, I may have to transition my blog to another URL and I won't be able to tell you where it goes. If you would like to know (if anyone's out there), send me a message!

Here's to not sucking at life and getting rid of the toxins in your life.


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