Jun 28, 2011

one of my favorite things

I know I post a lot of photos of my puppies...but man, they are seriously one of the things I miss the most throughout my day (sorry Danny...I miss you too but y'know, puppy love is somethin' else). I never used to like dogs, really. I was more of a cat person and did have a cat (AJAX) at one point. She is with a friend now, hopefully in good hands! Never did I think I'd have a dog, NEVER! Then one day, I sort of wanted one...along with a little push from someone I was dating at the time. Concluded to find a mid-size breed that had a good personality, some spunk and was super cute. In comes Suki.

Shiba Inu dogs were always a favorite of mine, in fact, it was the dog I chose on the Nintendogs game for the handheld console. How embarrassing I played that game...no, never mind, it was a fun game! Anyway, I found Suki (her breeder named her Sassy, come to find out...very fitting) in Iowa from a family breeder. I did the research and the internal and external debate about buying from a breeder but I'd had several email conversations with the breeder and she seemed OK and I have no regrets. Suki has been a great dog, healthy and vibrant ("full of piss and vinegar", says the breeder as she hands this 4lb. puppy over to me). She is and always will be my 'first love'.

Love you Suki boooooooos!

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