Jul 1, 2011

friday blanks

1. The best news I ever received was...I honestly can't answer this question, I can't think of anything. That's sorta sad.

2. Something I'm looking forward to is the weekend and my future. I can't wait, but can sometimes, to see what's going to happen to me.

3. Something I would never do is skydiving. I am definitely not a thrill seeker.

4. If I could choose someone to be my life coach (famous or not, living or dead), I'd choose...this is going to make you laugh but at the moment it'd be Bethenny Frankel. I love brutal open honest personality and she's a go-getter. Get it done or move on from it!

5. If I had to put a label on my style it would be casual. I like to dress up here and there, I love heels but don't like wearing them but I don't think I'm sloppy either. Just casual. Tennies, jeans and a tee or sweatshirt and I'm happy.

6. One should always be conscious of their surroundings and not take things for granted.

7. I want to go on vacation, period.
Friday blanks via the little things we do....

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