Jul 7, 2011

there is nothing greater

It's all about the small things to me. Whether I notice them or not, as a whole, they amount to something greater than everything else and we take all of these small things for granted.

This morning I woke up to little star post-its all over the apartment today from my boyfriend. We've been having some turbulence in the last week, "some" is maybe an understatement but I'm trying here. However, we are remaining cordial to each other and walking through this together, whatever it may be. Maybe not as close as we once were but still together.

The small notes said things like, "DING! You just checked in at "The Bathroom"" and "You look beautiful this morning!" and so on. Some even mentioned what outfit I may wear and that I should wear my hair up...dare I say, there were even a couple post-its in the shower! Nothing naughty! Dirty you!! But, they made me smile and really set me up for a wonderful day. How can anything go wrong after such a flattering morning :) I feel good today, even though...tomorrow is the BIG, round, 3-0.

Happy Thursday!

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