Jan 13, 2013

happiness connection

~ a true, relaxing moment with my bug, Eddie ~

A little late but Happy New Year! I made it :) And, I'm working on making changes more than ever. Lots of positive changes. Here we go.

As each day passes and into the evening, I muster all the strength I have to power thru a workout. I go home, take care of my puppies and cook dinner. I don't sit down, at the earliest, until 8pm. Which, to some might say is a luxury, however, to someone who suffers from a debilitating depression...is not good enough. Every day I would like to come home, put on my PJs, feel sorry for myself and sulk on the couch until it's time for bed but...I don't do that. I know it would only make me feel much more miserable and I know that it is something I have control over. So, I take that control and do something about it. It may not cure anything or make all that go away but it sure does help. A lot. I feel more accomplished. I did it. Now, I can relax. Now, I deserve this rest and I don't feel so guilty.

I can't quite recall where I heard about this, might've been an email subscription but I'm sure you're all familiar with Gaiam. They're basically "the" yoga gurus and sell all these products, videos, etc. It's a small challenge called, Connect to Happiness, and I liked the approach. Anyway, it sounded intriguing per my previous post I am really stuck in the now and the focusing on one day at a time and one project at a time.

I may not get to it every day but I will be reminded in an email and if I make time, I'll share my findings.

Here was day 1:

1) What makes you happy? My puppies. They make me the opposite of happy tho sometimes. Oh, and most definitely, finishing a workout.

2) What are you passionate about? This is a question I've really started asking myself over the past few months. In my free time, I'm usually reading recipes, health and exercise articles. It's really become a forefront to who I am. I want to emanate health and prosperity and I know I'll get there the more I educate myself.

3) How can you bring more of that into your life? I think by doing the #31workouts challenge (more on that in another post), I've already started. However, I am also starting a new workout program...probably this month. As well, I am working on making healthier food choices.

Lots of <3

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