May 10, 2011

of all the days

{ -- photo of douche bag deleted --}

I started this blog today because I'm tired of feeling depressed. I suffer from both anxiety and's exhausting battling myself everyday so I want to work on being grateful for something, at least one thing, and post it here once a day. Short or long, I'll take five minutes out of my day to say thanks for the good things in my life because there is a lot and I need to stop taking them for granted. I feel as though it'll be a good practice.

However, of all days, this morning my dad went into the ER this morning and I still have no idea what's going on. BUT, this is not that sort of blog.

Last night, was our first summer night and it definitely hit all of us but the highlight of my night was of my boyfriend, Danny, and my Shiba Inu, Suki, passing out together on the floor. Making me smile at the moment.

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