Jul 9, 2012

a move worth mentioning

I made it! I am officially in my house and it's so, SO unreal but incredibly awesome and I could not be more proud of myself at this very moment. I need to remember this moment. So, here we are. Eddie, Suki and I in a house. It's pretty awesome. Move-in ready but I have so many things I want to update and I think it's going to be so fun.

Work is going great. We hired someone new who I'm teaching and mentoring. He started today and is super nice and willing to learn. I just hope he knows what he's in for :)

My birthday was yesterday, I turned an age no one wants to ever turn but, it's all good. I've got a lot to be grateful for and am every day.

Slowly and surely I am getting everything unpacked, a few things left to do at the apartment and then I can really settle in. I've got a great office already set up, fridge and treadmill are coming Thursday...life is good. Life is really good.

I'll post pictures soon!

Lots of <3

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