Sep 26, 2012

sick, sickly

I have been sick, sick, sick! I don't even remember what I posted last but here we go again. I'm gonna make this one short and sweet. I had the most exhausting weekend with a head cold BUT, I got to see Static-X with my awesome sister and we had a blast! I'll have to post some pictures we took, most came out blurry but I did have some videos as well. I'll have to review :) Otherwise, here are a few things I am grateful for today:

  1. DayQuil, well...the Walgreen's brand :)
  2. NyQuil, again, Walgreen's brand but I am in lurve.
  3. Forgiveness. I have a very forgiving job, that is very flexible and understanding.
  4. Revelations, followed by acceptance. Two qualities I am fully possessing these days and let me tell you, it is freeing!
  5. Non-stop learning. I realize most days it can be exhausting but without it, I wouldn't grow and I'd feel like a lazy bum if I didn't.

What are you grateful for today? If anyone is out there...

Lots of <3

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