Oct 28, 2012

never be forgotten

A couple weeks, I had one of the most memorable moments of my life. I wish I could relive that moment, over and over and over and over...

I go to a lot of shows. Mostly hardcore shows. There's something about the energy at those shows, that helps liven me back up. It's like getting a fix and I am most comfortable in those shows. This show, I bought a ticket for over a month in advance. Probably not necessary, they don't sell out their shows but they do put on a good one. I'd seen them already twice before over the past year and would no doubt see every show that follows, in my city.

{ -- unfortunate first photo with him and my crazy, fucking ex -- }

Already started out being a "different" night because this kid was going around grabbing boobs...including mine! Immediately told my bartender friend and he got kicked out. But, not without a fight. Along with that, a friend I used to room with was there, from several years ago. We caught up and I hope to catch up with her over some coffee someday soon.

Show had already started when I got there, the band I wanted to see was headlining so I had plenty of time. Standing in the back, second to last band on stage, I looked over around at the crowd and back at the bar. Lo and behold, my crush (lead singer) was standing at the bar watching his ball team play (how cute). I've always had my photo taken with him but had no one with me this show and no one around to take the photo. I still went up to him, "Can I have a hug?" WHAT?! I asked him for a hug?? He followed through with the lamest hug I've ever received but I didn't care...I got one. He began to talk to me...?? We talked for a small bit as he had to go warm up. Before he left though, he asked if I wanted to hang out after the show. Uhm, yes please!

{ -- second show I saw...much better photo -- }

-- Amazing show ensued. --

We walked outside after they were done packing up gear, I got my car and he got in mine to follow their van to the hotel they were staying at. He was IN MY CAR! We parked and then sat for quite a while...until I absolutely had to use the restroom. So, we went in their room, I did my thing and then we left. Walking through the hallways we talked, I then asked for a piece of gum (I am so needy!). At this time, it was so late and I was totally getting stank breath :D He had some but in their van. So, we walked outside to their van and ended up sitting in there and talked until two members of his crew came out at different times, the last to sleep in the van. I suggested we could move to my car and he agreed....SO, we continued to chat in my car...until almost 5am! At one point, I'd paused talking, looked at him and completely forgot who I had been talking to.

Long post but, I want to remember it. I don't care if he was lying, doesn't like me, nothing will ever happen, etc. but it was just a great moment to have.

We've been texting ever since...but, then who knows how many other girls he's been texting 'ever since'. ;)

**UPDATE: I went to see him in California, his home town, just this week. I'll create another post to talk about!

Lots of <3

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