Nov 2, 2012

my first time

Last week, I took an impromptu vacation to California, for the first time, to visit my new friend, Anthony. I was scared, nervous, excited and had no expectations. But, I figured, what is there to lose? And, what a story! I needed something to do!!! My parents, I could tell, were freaking but I needed someone to watch the puppies and transportation to and from the airport. They accepted, after the tickets were already not much choice. Ha!

I've never been to California and I didn't really expect to do a lot of touristy stuff. I really just wanted to get away from home, my normal life and to hang out with my friend. I was there for only 3 days and 3 nights. I stayed at his house with his two roommates and 2 pit bulls. Since the World Series was in town, we didn't do a lot of driving around or near San Francisco, he lives near Oakland, so we just bummed around. Which, I don't mind at all!

I hope to go back and visit again soon, but for now...I'll hold onto the memories :)

Hope to see you soon California :)

Lots of <3

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