Nov 30, 2012

fill in the blank friday and eye candy

The other night, Wednesday, I took a quick trip in the evening to Lincoln to attend a hardcore show. The headlining band was actually supposed to be Suicide Silence but Mitch, the lead singer, recently passed away from crashing his bike into a light pole. *sigh* So, the line up went on to be The Matador, Narcotic Self, Memphis May Fire and ending with As I Lay Dying. It was an incredible show and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go. I met up with a few old friends and even met some new friends near the end of the night. One of them being a completely tattooed covered boy who bought me a veggie falafel :) I am living the life. It is good.

I stuck around after the show in hopes to get a photo to remember the night. Memphis May Fire, the band I originally (along with Suicide Silence) was going to see was no where to be seen. Lame. Their set was one for wanting more. It was so cookie cutter and his screaming became bored. Especially after As I Lay Dying played...they wiped the floor with Mattie's skinny hipster jeans, Woody Allen black rimmed glasses and Toms. Gimme a break!

{ -- me with lead singer, Tim Lambesis, from As I Lay Dying -- }

1.  "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is..."   saying thanks. I know you're supposed to do that on Thanksgiving and I have expressed thanks but I think it needs to continue   .

2.  The holiday season is  okay. I enjoy it and I don't find it super stressful. I really just look forward to having days off work and relaxing    .

3.  When it comes to holiday decorating...     I don't do anything. Anytime I see cute decorations, I think about where else that money could go on more important things, like food for my dogs...or me   .

4. The thing I look forward to most about the holidays is   I mentioned this earlier but time off from work and relaxing. Not thinking about it. Work isn't that stressful but it's nice to get away  .

5. My favorite holiday tradition is  that we take ALL morning to open up presents. This year may be different tho as we're all under budgets. Times have gotten a bit harder. Will be more grateful for being around those who love me .

6. This year my Christmas plans include  going to my Grandma's house, like the family does every year. Small group of us. I plan to do a lot of reading and just laying around  .

7.  My favorite holiday food is  usually the turkey but for Thanksgiving my dad made an awesome dressing, I'm hoping he makes it again. I may just have to put in a request  .

Lots of <3

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