Dec 2, 2012

finishing a book

Every Sunday I meet my mom for coffee and reading. I look forward to it every week. We catch up and typically will share a warmed up cinnamon scone. I will pick up the same book I've been reading, pick up where I left off and end up finishing quite a few without having to buy :)

I just got done reading this book today, Where We Belong. Don't you just love finishing a good book, or just finishing one in general. I start so many and it usually takes me so long to finish one because I go back and forth between all of them.

I'd probably give this one an 8.5 out of 10. I'm not actually sure why I even was interested in reading it because I have nothing in common with the characters and couldn't relate much at all. I mostly picked it up because I'd read other books by the same author and enjoyed them. This one was her most recent, sitting on the shelves in the front of the store, so I just automatically picked it up. Here is a link to read what the story is about ›› click here!

Anyway, her books are super easy to read and get carried away in. They're mostly chick stories and all about love crap but that's okay to get hooked on, right?? I live vicariously thru chick flicks and these kinds of books. I'm not a romance novel girl, I like the stories that could/might actually be real. There was a section in the book that I particularly liked...
"There will be plenty of time to sort that out later. Time to see where the current takes me. // It is not what I planned–this day, this moment, these unlikely relationships, both old and new. Yet I feel overcome with peace and certainty that, for once, I am exactly where I should be."
That rang true for me and really is a great way to place things.

Lots of <3

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