Dec 4, 2012

eff the new year

It's real – it's officially December. How did that happened, who knows!? All I know is, it doesn't matter that the year is ending and I shouldn't have to wait until January 1st to get things rolling. No better time than now to make improvements in your life. Everyone has stuff they want to do and you can project those things to do, however, majority of them don't get done. We all procrastinate. Might I suggest making a yearly projection, but then taking out 2-3 items you want to do now. Set up reminders for yourself to review the rest of your list at a later date. I know I overwhelm myself, everyday and best practice is to focus on the "now". Get started!

{ -- my bug, Eddie, getting all up in the static with the dry, winter air -- }

There are quite a few items on my list that have been making me itch like crazy and it's time to scratch...sorry, BAD pun! Why wait? Just proves that you probably can't make it happen if you're willing to wait for it to happen. A few items on my list are below, in no particular order.
  • Minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day. Doesn't need to be extreme. I have a treadmill and I should be using it more than one day a week. I have no excuse. I am single, don't have kids and no other priorities (DVR is NOT a priority!!!).
  • Move stuff around in the house everyday; either get it closer to where it belongs or put it away entirely.
  • Clean up dishes after cooking and before eating...I let that shit sit so long until I don't even want to be near it at all.
{ -- taken from TV, kudos to those who know -- }

These are immediate needs for me right now because my life is a bit cluttered and unstructured. I like to let go of things to easily and it's making, not only a mess in my house but, a mess in my head. I'm tired of throwing pathetic hissy fits that I don't want to put away or clean because it'll just get messy again. I think of having people over, or if I do meet someone...just how embarrassing that'll look!!! I want to look better than that and I am better than that.

I will come back and report on how my "to-do's" are doing. Have you got a list? Do you even care??

Lots of <3

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