Nov 27, 2012

pick me up!

Alright, Monday...I mean, uhm, Tuesday, let's do this.

I had an awesomely long weekend because of the Holiday (1) and because I work at a stellar company, we had Friday after Thanksgiving off. I spent the end of the week with the family, which is sometimes a challenge but went smooth this year. Food was good and I got a lot of reading done (2).

I did get one workout in but, majority of the time I relaxed (3). It felt good to have a long time off from work and 'having' to do things. I'm naturally unmotivated and can be super lazy...but, it feels so good and I deserved it this weekend.

I did do something I'm not entirely proud of. I berated a "friend", contemplated my decisions I made by doing this and accepted what has happened and feel better about it (4). I hit a huge milestone with this. We'll just say, I feel so much better about myself knowing this person than I did before. I had said some hurtful things out of frustration and in-the-moment emotions but I don't regret it. It makes me super crazy when people just don't care about other people after they've done something that meant a lot to them. I know I would not have treated the situation the same way and would have been more accommodating than he and it's just unfortunate how his ego got so carried away — he didn't acknowledge or accept that he'd let someone down. He really didn't care. I digress on that matter. I can't say I didn't try tho.

I made badass southwest black bean soup (5) and I have so many leftovers. I'm eating it for dinner tonight and can't wait!

Lots of <3

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