Oct 18, 2011

back home

{ -- Eddie after I got home, my little booger is sleepy heads -- }

I may be alone but it feels good to have a 'home' to come home to :) It's not much but I love my apartment. I just need someone to fix it up for me; style it and make it more comfy. My recent trip to NY brought me to a couple friends of mine and their apartment. It was awesome and I really wanted to take photos but didn't want to be too forward. I joked about having her design my apartment and help decorate it, I instantly get jealous of those who can do that and actually follow through. She quickly said, 'yes' and was very serious about it. I think I'll send her photos this week and see if she's still interested and can help give tips on items to help organize and decorate the space. First step: pick up, pile up and make room to start organizing items.

I have quite a bit of photos from NY that I'd like to share and will do that this week as well, so come back to see those! It was pretty amazing but I'm glad I'm home.


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