Oct 31, 2011

super fun weekend

{-- my little bud, Eddie, in his new winter sweater --}

I've decided to keep my blog here, at its current address. I thought about moving it but decided against because why should I change for anything or anybody! My life is great and I still want to share the happy moments I have with you and not lose anyone in the process.

I had one of the best weekends. I've been super busy and super happy, I can't keep up. It all started with our Halloween party at work on Friday. We took off at noon and went to Skate Daze where we roller-skated/rollerbladed and played lazer tag. I've never played and it was a lot of fun! We played two rounds and won the second :)

Day before, I got together with my mom and she helped me pull together my DIY costume. A few people got it. Let's see if you can. Below is a sneak peek. My shirt had flames on it and I had a tail. It has to do with what I do for a living.

{-- any guesses? not a mouse...check hints above --}

The party ended at about 2:30pm and they let us all start our weekend early (I love my job!). I went home, took a long, heavy nap on the couch with Suki and headed to my parents to pick up my dad. Left in the evening to my sister's in Lincoln to stay the night and go to the game on Saturday. And, what an awesome game! High fives, jumping up and down and "Whooos" all throughout. So much fun. Go big red!

{-- my sister, Erica, on the left and me at the Husker game --}

Leaving the game and then Lincoln Saturday evening; I got home and met up with a good friend of mine and we headed out to Benson to a Halloween party at Krug Park. All sorts of people watching, my cup of tea.

Sunday was such a chill day, they're probably my favorites. I meet my mom every Sunday for coffee and reading and I typically nap and lounge all morning and afternoon. Followed up coffee with my friend coming by again, cooked dinner (Chicken Waterzooi de Poulet, a yearly seasonal must) and we watched Big Bang Theory and American Horror Story. Oh my! Have you seen American Horror Story?? We watched from the beginning on On Demand and it was phenomenal. I couldn't believe how good it was. So bizarre, freaky and super intriguing. Can't wait to get back from out of town this week to watch the new episode.

I hope your weekend was as stellar as mine and here's to another super busy week ahead!


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