Nov 10, 2011

another step

{ -- my little boogers, chillin' -- }

I admit, I've been lazy...but not lately! I FINALLY made it to a morning Jazzercise class and I cannot recommend working out in the mornings enough. I've done it before but it's been years and I did it today and I feel amazing. Yes, I'm tired...yes, I will want to crash when I get home but I've made plans so I'm thwarting that as much as I can. Dinner is being made for me, watching Big Bang Theory and An American Horror Story...can't get better than that :)

Tuesday evening, I forced myself to class and I left feeling so good. I noticed a poster up about a class called, "Pure Muscle"...ahem, all of Jazzercise's 'extra' classes always sound dirty. Maybe it's just me but the other one I remember was called, "Personal Touch". Seems wrong? Eh? I think so...

Anyway, I jumped on it (woah!) and asked about signing up. It'd already started but there are three left and they cut the price for me. Bonus! I figured it's a good way to get a head start on my way back into being fit and much, much more happier about everything including myself. Thing is, it was the next day (Wednesday)...screw it, I'm going! It was almost an hour class of all weights and bands and it was definitely hard but felt so good (my mind is totally in the gutter now)


okay, so already being sore that night and tired I decided to go to a morning Jazzercise class (coming to today now). What's wrong with me?! The class is at 5:45AM! I'm so motivated now. On top of all of this getting back into working out, I've cleaned house as well and I feel even better...if that's possible. I was attempting a morning class on Tuesday but it just didn't happen. I've been waking up in the night feeling sick, cold sick but this morning I said, I'm going...and, I did. No regrets.

{ -- my sister, Erica, and me...eating in Lawrence, KS :) --}

While this past year has been...I can't find's been a wake up call. I'm feeling better about myself; who I am and these last few months, life has been getting better by the moment. I've been to New York, I met new people, I made up for some concerts and went to Kansas's all been so good AND now I'm back to working out AND looking my best for...well, tsk tsk, I'm not saying what for ;)

What's getting you motivated? A life experience? The people around you? Family? Work? I have my regrets and my pitfalls have been enormous this past year; while some my doing, I didn't deserve more than half of what'd happened to me. Things were stolen, I lost a lot of money, I was taken advantage of and I regret it BUT it's made me a better person because of all of that. I am a better person today and will continue being a better person. I am loving life.


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