Nov 11, 2011

my awesome morning

{ -- hmmm, what's this? -- }

I have my moments of doubt about a lot of things. I am super hard on myself and for good reason. I'm not easily motivated and if I don't give myself a hard time, I'll slack. The downfall with that...a lot of paranoia about what other people think of me at work; how am I doing? Am I doing my job right? Am I fast enough? Smart enough? Am I producing quality work that is worth it? All of my suspicions have now been put aside because this morning, when I walked into work there was a sealed envelope on my keyboard. Hmmm...what could this be?? I unloaded my things, sat down and opened it. Inside was a single, blank card with handwriting on one side. Below is what it said:

We don't get many chances to sit and chat, but I want you to know that I am so happy you are here. I appreciate everything you do and I really enjoy spending time with you when we can. You are a true talent in what you do and a beautiful person inside and out. We are lucky to have you here with us. 

What a great start to a great weekend. Tonight is a chill night and tomorrow is my friend's annual friend Thanksgiving. I'll need to find something to cook and bring! I can't wait. She cooks so much food, everyone brings something, there's even a full size turkey! We all sit down together and eat a turkey meal. I look forward to it every year.

Definitely thankful for today, my letter I received and my friend who puts together our annual friend thanksgiving. So thankful.

Happy Friday!


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