Nov 25, 2011

a great thanksgiving

{-- my little guy, Eddie, napping with me after we got home --}

The end of this week (Thanksgiving) has been so awesome. And, honestly, I am so happy because I worked out :) Not because of the food, not because of the family, not because of anything but working out. I didn't feel as awesome on Thanksgiving Day because I did eat too much and felt uncomfortable but not only did a I do an hour and 15 minute Jazzercise routine that morning at 8:15am with my sister but we worked out to Dance Central that night AND, the next morning at 5:40am(!) we did an hour class. FOR REAL! I am gonna be super sexy :) Forget what I ate, I don't feel guilty eating my Grandma's awesome gravy I eat every year because I burned all of it off!

{-- up front. GO BIG RED! --}

THEN! I was able to hit the last game of the year with my sister, brother-in-law and my dad. We played great, we sucked and then we played great again and then they scored...however, we won!!!

Despite the tiresome journey of Thanksgiving, I look forward to it every year. I'm home now and I got to nap with the puppies. They got to run around and play with my niece, Apple. We're a happy family and I am...thankful :)

Are you?!


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