Oct 13, 2011

NYC, here i am!

I can't believe it but I am here in New York, in my second day and got to see the view already from a previous post. This image is mine this time and I got to see it in person :) and I get to see more.

Last weekend was amazing and saw some really awesome bands play this weekend with a good friend (and, I didn't have to buy his ticket...perrrfect). Posted a short video of Of Mice & Men playing (beware, lots of screaming and 'angry' music after click) and got to meet a few of the band members. Photos below. It couldn't have been a better weekend.

~ We Came As Romans ~

~ Miss May I ~

~ Of Mice & Men ~

Can't be more thankful. I hope your weekend was just as eventful and full of the things you love and what makes you happy. I know mine was. Life couldn't get better? Could it?? I'm in New York!

"When we practice giving thanks for all we have, instead of complaining about what we lack, we give ourselves the chance to see all of life as an opportunity and a blessing." - Julia Di Nardo

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