Dec 8, 2011

a pause

{ -- tuckered pups -- }

It's been a busy, few weeks with the holidays and I've learned a lot. I have been working out consistently, even lost some weight and I feel awesome! Albeit, a bit tired because it's one more thing I need/want to get done but I've no regrets. I'm reaping benefits like crazy! Life is really good.

I wanted to take time though to post about some inspirations in my life, other than the usuals. This one is about other people online that inspire me. When I take a break from work, the pups or cleaning...this is where I go. I'm not as caught up as I'd like to be with all of them and I wish I had the time to sit and watch or read but, man, I've got a life to live and I'm living it :) Here are the top five!
  • Anna is a blogger. A sweet and simple blogger about all the good things in life. I love how short and sweet her posts are and how bouncy she sounds! Check her out at Life is Sweet*
  • Dooce is also a blogger, a completely blunt blogger. I love her sense of humor, her fun/cute family and honesty.
  • I love photography but it's a past hobby of mine. I just haven't revisited and have lost the interest but I still love to look at other's awesome photos. A favorite of mine is Girl With A Camera. Not only does she have great photos but she lives in another country, has an awesome accent, is a gamer, and knows how to imitate vampires and zombies :)
  • I love to cook, absolutely love to cook but I am also a health nut when it comes to cooking. Almost vegetarian but not 100% so I absolutely adore this couple (who just had a super cute baby). They share the most delicious recipes with the craziest/healthiest ingredients that don't include a lot of meat but are not limited to including it. Check them out at (never home)maker!
  • Last, but not least, recently married bloggers, the CTFxC. They vlog their every day life. A home-made reality show. So fun, so cute and I admire their confidence in front of a camera. They've been doing it for over three years now?!
I hope you all had a really great holiday with family and friends. I recently just attended my friend's holiday party. Hours of good company, awesome food, games and staying up late :)

Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year from me and the pups.


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