Dec 23, 2011

wub wub wub

I can now say last year! Okay, so, last year I got to go see Skrillex twice and I can't explain in this post how amazing both shows were. More so the second show than the first. It completely blew me away. I got to see him in my home town and the second show in Lawrence, KS. The second show, in Lawrence, was in the beginning of November and I've really wanted to share the experience with you. Skrillex is a dubstep artist and has gained, assuming, the most popularity when it comes to the genre. It's a bit like techno but...not as boring? :) I'm not technically versed in the genre so I won't go on anymore. If you want to read more about it, go here.

The only way I can share is with the videos I recorded. I wasn't planning at all on recording a bunch but ended up wanting to record the entire show! I uploaded the videos immediately to YouTube and created a playlist of all of them in the order of the show. Below I've embedded the first video that started it off and here is the link for the entire playlist.

I hope you enjoy! It was a blast. I basically cried during the first half, I was so happy. If you're interested or if he ever comes close to your hometown, it's more than worth your time and money. He sells out fast though! Happy New Year!


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