Mar 19, 2012

highlights of my life

Most of my highlights consist of my puppies, going to concerts, being with my family, health and the work I do...oh, and don't forget...FOOD! It's all the things I love and enjoy.

I recently, at the last minute, went to see Puscifer and I am so glad I did. I've been a Tool fan since I was in middle school and have seen them and A Perfect Circle and had not been all too impressed. Maynard mostly stands back and you can barely see him. He hardly moves and there's not much of a 'show'. I'd be better off lying on my living room floor blasting his music, it'd all be the same.

Puscifer was different. It was in a much smaller venue than Tool and A Perfect Circle, it didn't sell out and we took the floor seats. He showed himself and hung out with the crowd after the show up front on stage, in chairs. They played loud and there was a ton of bass, you could feel your hair and your bones shake with the music. I wouldn't even think twice to see them again.

My friend had gotten a threat about being kicked out if he filmed so I didn't take any video, which is such a bummer. So, I can't share any video. I would suggest a search for them on YouTube to find some good live videos of those who took the chance. UPDATE: they just posted a really good video on their Facebook page, embedded below for your pleasure...and, mine :)

Lots of <3

P.S. I see you, St. Cloud. You stole so much from me and are hurting me, yet I stole nothing from you and do not hurt you on purpose. Please leave me alone.

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