Apr 12, 2012

should i believe?

There are things worth a person's time and there are things that aren't. I took time out of my day yesterday to rehash my past. Why? I've no idea but it did feel good. I had a conversation about it and I'm hoping it was an honest transaction because when it comes to that part of my past, it was all lies. In any case, I've realized that I've moved on and in such a healthy way. With that said, I can honestly say to myself that I am more thankful everyday since that part of my life ended.

{ -- Apple holding Jack -- }

Some more good news? OK! My sister had a baby boy over the weekend. A healthy, 8lb. 10oz. baby boy. His name is Jack Patrick Sullivan, middle name from his daddy. Like her first, Apple, I got to be in the room again when it all happened and it was amazing.

It all started Friday night. She had started contractions at 1am Friday and they weren't progressing but they did get worse late into Friday evening. So, I headed out to Lincoln (a good 45min. drive). We hung out while her contractions kept getting more painful. We dropped Apple off at my Grandmother's and headed to the hospital. By this time, my sister was in a lot of pain. Up until 4am waiting in the room, we eventually took naps but woke up to my sister's water breaking at 7am. Things started getting serious, she had over 2 hours of pushing and there he was. Born at 10:10am! They went home Monday and he's definitely keeping them busy.

{ -- Jack Patrick Sullivan -- }

It's unreal being a part of the journey and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it. What a world that little boy is in for.

Lots of <3

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