Apr 23, 2012

yummeeness: planning, planning fooooood

{ -- a new staple, tofu w/seasoning for tofu/bean tacos -- }

A huge challenge I face is knowing what I'm going to have for dinner. Lunch, for me, is super easy. I either throw a Lean Cuisine in the microwave (obviously not ideal but being single, not a lot of time...it's nice to have just in case and I'm still NOT eating out) or if I go home, I make some eggs and toast. My lunch when I go home has to be quick— like, 20 minutes-cook-eat-clean quick. I'm lucky to work at a company where I don't have to 'clock in' so it's somewhat flexible when it comes to timing, however, I'm usually busy and it's not always good to take 2 hour lunches...even tho I could, and have.

This morning, I came across this blog post from a favorite blogger and my jaw dropped! I LOVE this organizing stuff and typically will get half-way there with my own things before I give up or realize how crazy I must look. This though, this...I'm super impressed and hope to get close to that organized, especially when I get my house (oh! Did I just say that?? ...)

I think the closest I've came to organizing meals is just in front of one week. It changed mid-week and I moved a couple things around because I would end up having more leftovers and would need to eat those before I moved on to new food or a new recipe but overall it was super helpful. Anymore when my grocery shopping happens, I sit down and (try) pick out one new recipe and one old, familiar recipe. I always have eggs and toast on hand when I want something quick (it also serves as budget conscience because eggs/bread are so cheap). I also always have cereal on hand for a quick meal or snack as well. I know it'll be better than chips or cookies :)

How do you plan your meals? Do you even plan them? I'd say 50% of the time I don't and it always hurts me in the end; I can't decide what to eat, I don't have this or that...oh, fine, I'll just go out or I end up waiting until it's super late. Now, that does not bode well with my waist.

Lots of <3

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